Thursday, 17 March 2011

18th March 2010 - First Real Blog Post!

Figured I really should start using this blog seeing as how i've got it here, and have yet to do anything at all with it...

First of all let me introduce who I am!

I am Araelis AKA Lolâdin of Doomhammer-Eu, the best paladin tank in Europe since I rerolled paladin.

What I am to do with this blog is provide a place where other WoW players can read up on and check out what i'm doing, and also a place to discuss different things in the comments area.

If things kick off well enough, then i'll start providing video's, tips, trolling platforms and generally any think else I can fit on this page with my verbal diarrhoea.




  1. I haven't played WoW in so long. I made a blog too, but I don't like it. I might make a new one.

  2. Well let me know when you make a new one i'll be sure to follow it! This wont be solely about wow I don't think, just general crap no one cares bout

  3. I just started playing wow about a month ago, Im not doing very well in it. I've only got to level 20 so far

  4. Won't play wow again I think :x followd tho