Saturday, 21 June 2014

Life’s lessons – For what they really are.

Over the past few weeks’ I have garnered an urge to write my thoughts as a way to express myself and vent my frustrations and thought I would start my first posting as a general introduction into current thoughts of mine, as well as my first life lesson.

Life itself is such an extraordinary gift that no matter what culture, creed, religion or branch of science we base our beliefs on, can all agree to be such a rare and opportune entity. What makes us truly gifted is our ability to consciously experience the world around us and make decisions for not only ourselves but the wildlife and environment which protects us.

Instead of appreciating what we have, we instead choose to spend the majority of our lives ensuring that we are able to sustain ourselves for the last 10 years of life where we become dependent on those around us – almost expectant – despite providing anything back to the world in the time we had to make a difference.

Of course, this is not the case for a small few, who do make that difference and better the world in any small way they can, from those who travel to the more unkind areas of the world in attempt to help those who struggle to feed their young every day, to those who find it in themselves to donate to charitable causes and provide the resources the volunteers need.

Life Lesson No 1 – Charity Starts at Home.

The first life lesson is indeed crucial in not only ensuring our own survival, but also the ability for us to help others in the future. This is a lesson that has been drilled into me since I was around sixteen years old.

My experience of this lesson has been somewhat different however and has made me question just where charity at home stops. Can you use the same excuse to buy yourself a crate of cider and turn away Cancer Research when they come to your door, because charity starts at home? My moral dilemma comes into conflict with this subject, and I feel that the way our economical, social and governmental system has been manipulated to work, this is how I am supposed to feel. I am not in a position where I can suggest a better way of doing things, nor am I willing to provide money to certain organisations where I know it does not go to the place it is supposed to.

I knew of a gentleman who ran a charity shop who got both accommodation and a wage paid for by the charity (I’m not giving names, because that would leave me open to a legal case, which is bad) however this wasn’t enough. He would research into a certain products the charity shop where given in abundance, make a complete set of said item by purchasing it in parts for a fraction of the cost and then sell it at a collectors price.

How does a man who originally volunteered for a good cause become so caught up in his own personal gain, he is able to live with himself doing this? Of course, the answer is in your wallet and life lesson number one, charity starts at home. I will close this in an open ended state, allowing people to take their own view on what this means in a way to enable self expression on the matter, however should you have any thoughts you wish to share please put them in the comments section below.

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